/ Introducing Libby

The Overlord
of Fluffitude!

In fact, this furry muse has inspired me to embark on an artistic endeavor of epic proportions.
I present to you my project, where I've captured the essence of this glorious creature in all his roly-poly glory.

Sooo… say hello

to my three-legged, fat, and oh-so-fluffy feline friend!

This furball with an appetite larger than a T-Rex has been ruling my household for a solid 2 years now.

Don't be surprised if you catch a glimpse of his belly before you even spot him!

This cat's affinity for being pampered knows no bounds. Break out the brush, and he'll reward you with a symphony of purrs and head-butts fit for a king. It's like a spa day, but with more fur and fewer face masks!

And when this little bundle of fluff isn't devouring everything in sight, he transforms into the epitome of sorrow. Witness the heart-wrenching, soulful gaze he casts when his food bowl is empty. Those eyes...oh, those eyes! They could melt even the iciest of hearts and make you feel like the world's most terrible food provider.

Witness the magic unfold...

... as you watch the mesmerizing drawing process!