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illustration / character design


From time to time we all change our profile image, and if you are an illustrator - you likely draw your avatar image. What is good about it - you can see your progress and skills improvement through years.


i wanted to draw digitally so bad, that I drew my avatar in Adobe Photoshop with a mouse.


I bought an iPad and tested brushes in Procreate by drawing a new avatar.


I’ve been using Procreate for one year and improved my drawing skills, learning more about character design, composition dynamics and color schemes.


I wanted to find a new style - style showing how I see design and illustrations - color and shape spots, giving your eye space for finishing image by your imagination.


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10 styles

10 styles

The concept is to challenge my abilities of drawing in different styles and techniques and reflecting on styles of various artists, from classic to modern ones. It improved my skills and gave me better understanding what I like more and what direction to take.